KK Project Group supply semiprecious directly from quarries.

KK Project Group with it marble division KK Marble Contractor offer an ample range of Semiprecious that is creatively interpreted to give life to infinite forms that convey splendor and magnificence. Colored gems and semiprecious stones, such as quartz, agate, amethyst, and malachite, are cut to create slabs of matchless beauty and charm. Unique pieces that are the fruit of nature and capable of giving a touch of refinement to any space with their chromatic effects. Specifically, certain varieties are transparent (quartz, agate, etc.), thus enhancing the light effects with backlighting. These semiprecious stones, particularly the translucent varieties that can be lit-up from behind, create unique color effects and add original touches to a room. KK Project Group insert semiprecious stone to enhance your interior project and make it unique.

Semiprecious are minerals distinguished by rarity, transparency, color and brightness. They are used to make ornaments and jewels; their uniqueness is associated with their aesthetic and optical properties. Semiprecious such as quartz, amethyst, agate, tiger’s eye, hematite and jasper in all their color variants are processed and assembled to create large tiles measuring 305x142x2.5 cm.


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