KK Project Group accompanies you in your projects with modern material decking.

Natural exotic wood essence decking and composite decking is a modern building material for finishing open spaces of any scale. Such coverage is the best tool for building a terrace or veranda with complex layout and for implementing original projects of landscape designventilated facades.

Procurement decking for KK Project Group means: selected planks and preassembled tiles in Asia and Burma TeakIpèGarapaMassarandubaIroko AfricaAngelim Amargosathermo-treated AshKebonyBamboo and decking for ventilated and also insulated façades or coveringswood engineering, or wood solutions for urban furnishings, and local recovery or improvement projects.
The most important criteria for KK Project Group is selecting the essences of the First Class durability, which defines the highest possible resistance to insects, fungi and mould, making the essences in this category ideal for any type of outdoor use.
The other decking‘s discriminating factor is appearance, which requires the use of natural-looking woods that aren’t resinous, without knots, imperfections or those that may contain pockets of resin. These woods for decking also shouldn’t be susceptible to cracking, splitting or peeling. In this way, the wood’s appearance remains intact, which is critical to the success of an architectural design or more ambitious interior design projects. And the last one principle parameter for decking that guides the selection of wood is related to its physical, mechanical and static properties: woods used in their natural state must be oily, which makes them more stable, and with previously established characteristics of hardness, shrinkage coefficient and the saturation point of the fibers.
Finally, they also must offer effective resistance to torsion, bending and elasticity.
For these reasons, KK Project Group establishes strict selection criteria that exclude, in this context, all woods that are resinous, knotty and flawed.

KK Project Group offer you one of the best outdoor material composite decking, which does not fear any weather conditions nor decay and with no need for maintenance. KK Project Group offer you the best prices to bring outside all the class and the warmth of the indoor parquet with composite decking. This material is really extremely durable and resistant, stable and fashionable.