KK Project Group offer starting from the simple modern parquet project to the most inlayed and with different inserts into the solid wood parquet of marbleresinmother of pearlsteelbrassbronze and leatherKK Project Group offer the parquet products of historical Company Berti with it Collections: Berti and Diesel Living with Berti.

Berti parquet is the systematic evolution and investment in research and attention to quality and functionality, customization and vide range of collections and products: from classic inlay carpets of different essence of wood to innovative modern finishes of parquet with inserts of brass, steel, resins and with extravagant Diesel collections. Every product is born in full accordance with the above values, allowing anyone to discover the parquet that best suits their own needs. When the creative mastery of an artisan is held within the grain of the wood, a simple piece of furniture becomes a real piece of art. This is how Berti works on the most refined wood essences, transforming them into interior design gems of modern architecture. The beauty of these parquet products really stands up and each interior shines a new light: a new soul within your home, new scenery to enjoy. Berti knows how to blend the preciosity of the parquet together with the ancient knowledge handed on from artisan to artisan working in harmony with tradition, and innovation too. KK Project Group, in fact, choose to be open and apply avant-guard technologies for parquet projects in order to create new stupefying solutions for interior design.

KK Project Group provides its clients with a team of professional art makers that are perfectly able to interpret whatever dream or necessity of parquet it is required. This is how KK Project Group transforms ideas in projects and projects into reality. During all phases of creativity and production process, KK Project Group never cease to assist the customers with their architects, engineers and designers. Keeping faith to Berti handcrafting tradition, the company really take particular care in finishing’s making, without lacking peculiarity of shapes and preciosity of materials. Handcrafting is a very core activity of Berti parquet products, and it testifies our commitment to keep ancient wisdom technicality alive, blending it with modern technology.