KK Project Group with furniture of Capital collection fits your project with charme and elegance.

The furniture of Capital collection is the unique product capable of harmoniously merging with the era and space, combines modern design and the search for innovative materials.

KK Project Group will characterize your customized project unique by the choice of furniture of Capital collection. Capital furniture is where creative spirit and know-how are nourished by the passion for the company’s work and the needs of customers. Wood, metal, marble, fabric and leather are the favorite Capital’s furniture collection materials: the company philosophy believes that the added value, recognized worldwide as ‘Made in Italy’, consists in knowing how to work with these materials and combine them to create unique piecesEach artifact company creates has a natural consequence and impact on the environment: we try to ensure that Capital furniture products respect the environment and do not harm those who manufacture them.

Let’s add up an adaptable design that meets different styles and moods. KK Project Group helps you to find your furniture, the one that meets your expectations, your taste. Admire its shape, touch its forms, feel the sensations it conveys you, select wood, leathers, marbles, steels, fabrics and lacquers to customize your furniture and spaces.

The predisposition for tailor-made design and the ability to offer unique solutions with great personality make Capital furniture product the ideal partner for “Contract Design” projects. For several years, KK Project Group with a collaboration of Capital collection furniture has been able to vaunt prestigious partnerships in the luxury hospitality industry, covering not only the vast hotel sector but also meeting the needs of particular and important private buildings as a partner of exceptional sensitivity.

KK Project Group with Capital collection furniture offers flexibility, expert Italian craftsmanship and creation of “bespoke luxury” to satisfy the requirements of the most exacting customers. Furthermore, it has experience in great projects in the private yacht industry with the major Italian shipyards and in the short and medium-haul jet industry.