KK Project Group create your bathroom, swimming pool, hammam and spa unique with collaboration of Mosaico + company. Mosaico+ has updated the art of mosaicsand made it its own. This concept underlines the whole history of Mosaico+. Designing and making mosaics in a way different from all others: a distinguishing feature that aspires to excellence.
KK Project Group satisfy requests of the most demanding customers from pixel mosaic to different unique collections of mosaic like Dialoghi with different layouts of tiles and art mosaic in unique Venetian enamels. Mosaico+ produces a variety of collections capable of covering all the final customer’s requirements, with variable price bands for those in search of uncomplicated, ready-to-use “smart” solutions, or specific, tailor-made projects for customers seeking a personalized, exclusive product. Mosaico +produces mosaics with different sizes, thicknesses and materials, also in combination. The dominant material is glass, in all its declinations: from transparent luminosity to the brilliant iridescence of agglomerates with the inclusion of goldstone and precious accents of gold and metal, while the Area 25 and Crono collections with sintered glass offer highly resistant material suitable for use in high traffic areas. Metal, wood and stone with a variety of finishes are just some of the many complementary materials in the KK Project Group offering.
The Dialoghi collection is the fruit of a design study centered on the experience of the material, which makes it possible to create original and personalized custom mosaics choosing from a variety of woods, natural stones, glass and metal in an infinite exchange of forms and materials. Layouts with original chip patterns and designs enable architects and designers to create their own mosaics, which express the strong, contemporary concept of luxury:
the unique and exclusive nature of customization.
Mosaic is a strange blend of art, exquisite craftsmanship and industrial design: a simple covering, steeped in history and rich in meaning, a contemporary form of communication, for expressing emotions through color and matter. KK Project Group offers artistic mosaic of the highest level of customization and prestige. Juxtaposing mosaic tiles, assembling fragments, selecting materials, adapting an ideal shape to a specific space with the utmost expertise: these are the actions that make each project of  KK Project Group created unique and unrepeatable.
An artistic mosaic can only be made by hand, but KK Project Group with Mosaico+ has succeeded in integrating craftsmanship with technology, adapting IT tools and advanced procedures typically used in industrial design to elaborate or develop requests made by clients during the planning phase.
The concept of a “collection” intended as an exclusive container is surpassed to expand and stimulate techniques of composition: all the tiles of the various product lines of mosaic can be selected and recomposed on modular sheets to create personalised combinations or motifs. Mosaic becomes a tool for stimulating fresh creativity, at the service of architects and designers: with the aid of the computerised mosaic technique and the experience of the Mosaico+ Projects Division, made-to-measure decorations can be created on the basis of the customer’s specific ideas and drawings.
Mosaic is a covering par excellence: it can be used on any substrate, whether two- or three-dimensional, or for any purpose; with mosaic’s creativity finds space in any project, big or small: from urban outfitting to minimal refined, elegant contemporary project or to important classic with grand class works of art swimming pools, offering added value and uniqueness to architectural elements, private residences, villas, apartmentshotels or finally public buildings.
A continual focus of  KK Project Group and Mosaico+  on product development has led to successful cooperation with internationally famous designers and architects, who open out and move beyond the idea of mosaic as a combination of tiles, transforming it into a concept of all-inclusive design, centered on the decorative floor and wall coverings. The quality and professionalism of Mosaico+ place it at the top of a Made in Italy production system, combining innovative technologies, a culture for design, and a deeply-rooted mosaic tradition.