KK Project Group realize your project dream of garden and offers you: uniform quality for large quantities of climatically acclimatized plants from different climatic altitudes for competitive prices and all year round available.

KK Project Group collaborate with the most famous landscaping architectsdesigners and engineers of garden. KK Project Group supply directly climatically acclimatized plants to your garden from nursery plants of different climatic latitudes of the world. The topiary specialists of KK Project Group add to your garden a touch of magic and originality realizing different geometric figures, trees with rounded crowns, spheres, cones and pyramids, fountains and musical instruments, flamingos and swans, horses and giraffes, dolphins and boats, carriages and towers. Thanks to the experience and creativity of topiary specialists and a great professionalism of KK Project Group, each realized garden is born like a work of art.

A key part of KK Project Group has always been to offer clients a complete range of quality products at competitive prices. The Company supplying range of acclimatized plants for your garden includes over 1600 varieties: the classic range of treesconifers, shrubs, Mediterranean plants, climbers, and palms is enriched by a collection of roses, perennial herbaceous plants, grasses, aquatic plants, ferns and fruit trees. 

A deep experience of KK Project Group’s collaborators designers and engineers of garden allow to treat the green subject in all its forms: from the small intervention up to the macro project, from private to public, including villashotelsresortsspas and tourist-residential. Dreamy sceneries becomes reality, created for sheikhs and queens, politicians, heads of state and governors, all protected by confidential contract agreement and a strict anonymity, that stops the company from showing most of the flawlessly performed projects.