KK Project Group help you to realize your dream of pleasure to live outdoors.KK Project Group offer you the best outdoor furniture of Atmosphera Collection. Gardens, balconies and terraces are regenerating and enjoyable parts of our houses we live, hotels where we stay, public places we visit with elegant outdoor furniture. Discover all Atmosphera’s offered product solutions, the ideas and products to decorate your outdoor space: sofas and swings for your relax area, tables and chairs for your family reunions, beds and deck chairs for a poolside cocktail.The motto of Atmosphera outdoor furniture is «our SOUL LIVES OUTSIDE».To conceive the external space as the real people-oriented space, where time and matter blend together in a unique dimension. The endless research of innovative solutions explores a lot of situations, complex markets and different cultures: from the domestic environment to hospitality spaces, from wellness world to the care of public space in a professional environment. This is the design and productive challenge, that drives KK Project Group in the development of our products and projects, in the study of suitable materials and in the care of productive details that make our products unique pieces. This is the philosophy that goes with KK Project Group’s research of beauty and living well. This is Atmosphera‘s spirit, and soul of outdoor furniture.

All materials used in Atmosphera‘s outdoor furniture collections are suitable to stand outside. They resist to wide temperature range, to UV rays, to water, to salt and to all atmospheric agents. Atmosphera suggests to cover or to keep inside the furniture during the winter in order to extend its life time. All products have a normal wear in the course of time, but they can be restored with specific maintenance kits. Upholsteries are realized by Atmosphera with Italian fabrics of high quality, suitable for outdoor use.

Live luxuriously all season long with outdoor furniture of Atmosphera Collection.