Stairs and Hall

KK Project Group accompanies you to realize stairs and hall that you desire offering different material par excellence: marblegranitelimestonetravertineslate or parquet proposing elegant furniture for this representative space. Stairs and hall are one of the most important representative points of buildings we live, hotels where we stay, public places we visit. KK Project Group collaborate with the most famous architects and designers and with their common rich experience realize different kind of stairs and hall from minimal refined, elegant contemporary project to important classic with grand class artwork stairs and hall, offering added value to the private residences, hotels or finally public buildings.

For this important space KK Project Group offer starting from the simple modern parquet project to the most inlayed and with different inserts into the solid wood parquet of marbleresinmother of pearlsteelbrassbronze and leatherKK Project Group offer the parquet products of historical Company Berti with it Collections: Berti and Diesel Living with BertiKK Project Group provides its clients with a team of professional art makers that are perfectly able to interpret whatever dream or necessity of parquet it is required for the stairs and hall. This is how KK Project Group transforms ideas in projects and projects into reality. During all phases of creativity and production process, KK Project Group never cease to assist the customers with their architects, engineers and designers. Keeping faith to Berti handcrafting tradition, the company really take particular care in finishing’s making, without lacking peculiarity of shapes and preciosity of materials. Handcrafting is a very core activity of Berti parquet products, and it testifies our commitment to keep ancient wisdom technicality alive, blending it with modern technology.

Marblegranitelimestonetravertineslate are unique and unrepeatable stones material for stairs and hall that is matured over millions of years. KK Project Group with its marble division KK Marble Contractor collaborate with different suppliers from all over the world especially from different parts of Italy whose solidity is guaranteed thanks to more than 100 years of experience in processing with approximately 10000 types of different marble stones. KK Marble Contractor cooperates directly with quarries of marble, granite and slate and numerous works have been carried out for many years in different countries of the world (residentialhotelsbankscontractadministrativeyachtsdesign of interior and exterior decoration of buildingsboutiques), expressed by the skill of Made in Italy.

KK Marble Contractor specialized in all the production process: starting with helping the customer during the design and the offer phase and, if necessary, the metric calculation and the measurement all over the world. In fact, the Technical Department of KK Marble Contractor realize the technical drawings that use for the production starting from more than 10000 kinds of different marble stones with a perfect integration between innovative technological process and handcraft skill.
KK Marble Contractor, thanks to the know-how in the most advanced technological process, is ambitiously ready to work the marble for the most extravagant and difficult projects of stairs and hall area. KK Project Group team is proud to consist of highly specialized experts in natural stone branch, cooperate with the most famous sculptors with rigorously manually operated. And to enrich and give perfection to your choice of marble KK Marble Contractor have the team with the top of experts in laying on site that offer the installation duly carried out all over the world in order to preserve the beauty and the quality of the marble work.

KK Project Group collaborate with different manufacturers of custom furniture that use different kind of materials like wood, marble, stones, brass, steel, ceramic, resin, iron and glass while designing or when it acquires the project by the architectural firm, providing essential support to its executive know-how.

It is responsible for the choice and selection of materials without any kind of restriction. KK Project Group with a collaboration of Simonetto that has a technical department dedicated to the development of construction drawings and assistance to designers and architects. It also has its own furniture fitters to ensure the perfect execution of the work at the time of the final installation.

KK Project Group helps you to find your furniture, the one that meets your expectations, your taste. Admire its shape, touch its forms, feel the sensations it conveys you, select wood, leathers, marbles, steels, fabrics and lacquers to customize your stairs and hall area. The predisposition for tailor-made design and the ability to offer unique solutions with great personality make Capital furniture product the ideal partner for “Contract Design” living and dining room projects.